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A life coach is not a mentor. A mentor is not a life coach. In case you’re wondering whether I’m a quack that sells a get-rich-quick scheme that can basically transform you from an average Joe to Elon Musk. I also don’t perform magic tricks to suddenly get you being an attractive enough person that every other person in town wants to sleep with you.

As a mentor, I harness my experience, patience and communication skills to equip, guide and help you navigate areas of life that you feel I can help you in.

As a coach, I help close the gap between you dreaming about your goals and achieving them. I get down and dirty with your mindset, habits and more to help you progress and ultimately achieve your targets.

Know the difference. My sessions, whether as a coach or mentor are best done face-to-face in hourly sessions.

My areas of expertise and experience range from goal-setting, self-discovery, personal grooming, finance, relationship management and more.

Ultimately, such a mentoring relationship requires chemistry between me and you. Message me via DMs or send me an email, meet me up for coffee to chat to see if I can bring value to you!

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone!
- Neale Donald Walsch