Ilhammi Tan | Official Website

Fun Facts:

1) Mixed Race; Malay and Chinese
2) I’m in my 30s, despite your heart-melting compliments that I look like I’m in my mid 20s.
3) I’m born into a family of musicians; dad was a former musician in the Singapore Armed Forces Band.
4) I learnt the clarinet when I was 10. A medical condition forced me to retire from the world of music. I came back to music in 2013 as a DJ.
5) I graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology. My inability to grasp programming languages coupled with a major dislike in mathematics led to me leaving that all behind after graduation.

6) I love the stage. Performing arts, public speaking, seminars – the bigger the stage the better.
7) I’ve been a gamer since I was 7. My most memorable games throughout my journey as a gamer are World of Warcraft and the Metal Gear Solid series.
8) I love the art of drifting. Something about seeing cars go sideways makes my insides excited.
9) I’m a terrible racer despite my interest in racing games. There’s a reason why I call myself Driftshadow and not Raceshadow.
10) Apart from my internship in polytechnic, I’ve never worked a job before.

11) I started my career in sales in 2010. From direct sales, multi-level marketing and more, I found early success in sourcing for investors, raising funds for start-ups and projects before the economic crash of 2015 served me one of my biggest financial losses to my investors and I.
12) 2015 to 2017 would become known to my loved ones as the darkest periods of my life.
13) Picking myself up, I exited sales of investment products and eventually sales entirely when I found a greater love – coaching!
14) I don’t eat cheese and I’m allergic to prawns.
15) I don’t smoke.

16) I love a good conversation.
17) I love crowds.
18) My wife and I are childhood sweethearts. She is my first love.
19) I’m a simple person when it comes to food.
20) I love the unknown. The idea of a mundane day-to-day schedule makes me sad.

21) I am obsessed with gadgets. The current house my wife and I stay in is a constant work-in-progress of smart home technology we’re always excited to upgrade and trick out.
22) I am an ambassador for Nanoleaf Singapore, a global smart-lighting company specialising in light panels that add flavour to your lighting game.
23) I am also an ambassador for Next Level Racing, a leader in the sim racing space for cockpits, wheel stands and more.
24) My laughter has been said to sound like a hyena or broken F1 car engine. Love it or hate it.
25) I love my sneakers; Jordan 1s are my favourite silhouette.

26) I don’t watch soccer, despite many people assuming that I do.
27) I have an unhealthy addiction to making people laugh.
28) I’m 1.78m tall. I’m skinny, let’s leave it at that.
29) I can speak basic Mandarin and Malay although I can understand the languages way better than I can speak them.
30) I have sweaty palms. It doesn’t mean I’m nervous, it just comes and goes as it pleases. Air-conditioned places lessen the chances of them getting wet.
31) There are very little boundaries to my sense of humour, although you can rest assured that I know what’s appropriate for public consumption. Speaking of little boundaries, I see myself as a very, patient person.