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We live in a world today where information and content are readily available. The online presence of a brand and individual has become as crucial in a business or brand’s success as its offline one. Ilhammi can be found on various social media platforms creating content; from videos on YouTube to live streams on Twitch. 

On Twitch, Ilhammi is commonly known as Driftshadow (Twitch ID DriftshadowSG because Driftshadow is taken). His gaming persona summarises the games he plays. As a young boy he has always gravitated towards the art of drifting in cars, which explain the ‘drift’ in his name. In action or shooter games, Ilhammi adopts a stealthier approach, hence the ‘shadow’. On Twitch, Driftshadow is a funny, light-hearted streamer who is explosive in energy. He is always looking to make his next viewer fall off the chair laughing. His humour is usually described as unadulterated, lame and face-palm worthy. Some of the games he enjoys playing include Forza Horizon 4, World of Warcraft, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, World of Warplanes and more. At times, his live streams can consist entirely of sessions where he interacts with his viewers chatting and asking about their day, reacting to videos and laughing to them uncontrollably. 


On YouTube, expect to see Ilhammi create video content on his YouTube channels From gaming moments and clips from Twitch to videos aimed to motivate a viewer to better themselves, be sure to keep a lookout for his upcoming videos this year. 

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