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I started streaming on Twitch 2 years ago as DriftshadowSG with a focus on keeping my content light-hearted, casual and comedic as much as possible. Contrary to my laughter sounding like an assault rifle firing rubber ducks, I’m quite terrible at first-person shooters. What I am good at however is finishing quickly and silently; hence why I love racing and drifting games with the occasional stealth-based games thrown in the mix.

In 2020 I got myself a full racing rig, a childhood dream of mine since I was a kid. Diving into the world of Formula 1, I hope to dazzle everyone with my overtakes, racing lines and more. While I’m no Lewis Hamilton, I hope to channel a fraction of his skill by watching him as I bring out Lewis HamilTAN in me. Get it? Hamil.. TAN? Such wordplay, genius-level jokes, puns and science lessons are some of the reasons why my viewers have flatter faces. From all the face-palming that happens.

Catch me on my next stream. Just remember not to drink water during my streams as I’m not responsible for any spillage on your keyboard, screens and whatnot.

On YouTube, expect to see a different side of me as my videos from my life-coaching work are uploaded there as well in addition to some of my livestream highlights. What are you waiting for? Subscribe below!

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